Radjindre Bhagwanbali

De nieuwe awatar van slavernij – Hindoestaanse migranten onder het indentured labour systeem naar Suriname, 1873 – 1916:
For the first time someone has been able to reconstruct the full and true picture of the history of Dutch Indians. Dr. Drs. Radjindre Bhagwanbali researched the archives in India, England, the Netherlands and Suriname, and has reconstructed what actually happened in the daily life of the Hindustani laborers from the time of their recruitment in India to life on the plantations in Suriname. He has discovered things that were unknown or concealed until now, such as the fact that the recruitment was based on deception and false information. Or the fact that Dutch Indians were abused on a large scale during indentured labour and were regularly put in prison. Bhagwanbali provides names of the people who were beaten in the crooked buoy. Whipping and flogging were not only common during slavery but also during indentured labour. The book is a complaint against the hidden history of Dutch Indian indentured labor. This book is only available in Dutch.
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ISBN: 978-90-74897-58-7
Pages: 260
Year of publication: 2010
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