Radjinder Bhagwanbali

Dr. Radjinder Bhagwanbali is a historian and sociologist. He graduated from the University of Nijmegen in 1996. His dissertation is titled: The recruitment and selection of laborers among the indentured labor system in India for the colony of Suriname, 1873-1916. Bhagwanbali has done extensive archival research on the history of Hindustani indentured labor in the Netherlands, Suriname, England and India. Based on this research he published ” De nieuwe awatar van slavernij – Hindoestaanse migranten onder het indentured labour systeem naar Suriname, 1873 – 1916″. The book reconstructs what actually happened in the daily life of the Hindustani laborers from the time of their recruitment in India to life on the plantations in Suriname. He also published the book “Tetary (de koppige) – Het verzet van Hindoestanen tegen het Indentured Labour System in Suriname, 1873-1916” in which he discusses the uprisings during the period of contract labor. The book inspired the campaign Tetary Must Rise to achieve a statue for the Hindustani resistance fighter Janey Tetary.