[:en]Arzu Merali joins editorial board of the series Decolonizing The Mind[:]

[:en]The Hague, September 21, 2016arzu_nasreen_colour_lores
The book series Decolonizing The Mind welcomes Arzu Merali as a new editor of the book series Decolonizing The Mind. The editorial board now consists of Sandew Hira, director of the International Institute for Scientific Research, Prof. Stephen Small from the University of California Berkeley and Arzu Merali.
Arzu Merali heads the research section at the Islamic Human Rights Commission (www.ihrc.org.uk) based in London, UK. She focuses on human rights, Islamic feminism, decoloniality and the grammars of human dignity. She was formerly an editor of the webjournal Palestine Internationalist.
Her work has been published in various newspapers, magazines, online publications and journals, including The Guardian, BBC News on-line, Hecate, New Internationalist, New Statesman, the International Journal of Women’s Research, Tabula Rasa and many others. She is co-editor of Towards a New Liberation Theology: Reflections on Palestine, author and co-author of various reports and books on citizenship, racism, discrimination and hate crime. Her latest book, co-authored with S.R. Ameli, Environment of Hate: The New Normal for Muslims in the UK was published in November 2015.[:]