Upcoming release: 20 Questions and Answers on Black Europe

Stephen Small from the University of California and independent researcher Kwame Nimako are writing a book in the series 20 Questions and Answers. Their book is on Black Europe. In Europe today, racism still rules, racial inequality still rises, and Black people are still regarded as permanent strangers. Black people are neglected, marginalized and ignored. If Black people are considered at all, then research and knowledge production in universities and mainstream organizations still conceptualizes them in a paradigm based on immigration, adaptation and tolerance. In this book the authors put Black people first. They focus on citizenship, racism and historic rights. They describe and interpret the experiences of Black people in Europe in the context of the African Diaspora. They bring the Decolonizing the Mind framework (DTM) to the foreground of their analysis. A framework that rejects the assumptions of mainstream scholarship, provides new questions, introduces a more critical framework and is articulated through progressive terminology. And a framework that centers gender analysis and the experiences of Black women in Europe. The book is set for release in December 2016.