Stephen Small Full Professor at UC Berkeley

Amrit Publishers congratulates author Stephen Small with his promotion to the rank of Full Professor! In announcing his promotion, Dr. Leigh Raiford, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of African American Studies, at the University of California, Berkeley writes:

“We here in African American Studies are well aware of Stephen’s work as a nationally and internationally-recognized scholar of comparative studies of race and inequality in local and global contexts. I am thrilled that the University has recognized and rewarded his ongoing, field-expanding research program, his “extraordinary ability to seamlessly combine quantitative and qualitative approaches,” his strong commitment to teaching and mentorship, and robust record of service at all levels, not to mention his facility with languages (fluent in 4 languages!). We are very fortunate as a Department to have Stephen as one of our senior faculty members, especially on a campus with so few full professors of color. Please join me in congratulating FULL PROFESSOR Stephen Small!”