New release: 20 Questions and Answers about Islam and Women

Moroccan theologist Asma Lamrabet has published a book in series 20 Questions and Answers. Her book 20 Questions and Answers about Islam and Women deals with questions like “Are men and women unequal in Islam?”, “How does the Qur’an talk about women?”, “Do men have authority over women in Islam?”, “Why do women inherit half of man’s share in Islam?”, “What are the Qur’anic ethics of marriage?”, “How can we promote gender equality in the Arabs society”.

According to Lamrabet for centuries the question of “women in Islam” has been held hostage by two opposing but equally radical perspectives: one, rigid Islamic conservative; the other, western, ethnocentric, and Islamophobic. She argues in favour of an enlightenment, “a feminine and feminist enlightenment that makes the spiritual its point of departure, in order to return to the roots of the Qur’an, the divine, eternal word. An enlightenment whose relationship with the Superior is one that is fundamentally liberating as it liberates the devotee from all other servitudes; that frees one from conformity to trendy models; that aspires to be neither predictably Western nor stereotypically Oriental, but autonomous and independent; one that is free to decide for itself, to redraft its own history and make its own choices; to rewrite its history and to determine its own place. An enlightenment that while confidently rooted in its own spiritual legacy, aspires to be open to all forms of human interchange, and ready to share with “others,” all “others,” its universal values of ethics and justice.”