In progress: Decolonizing The Mind – Imagining a New World Civilization

Sandew Hira, director of the International Institute for Scientific Research in The Hague, is currently working on his new publication: Decolonizing The Mind (DTM) – Imagining a New World Civilization. A Fundamental Critique of Scientific Colonialism and Another Discourse of Liberation. This voluminous study aims to develop a theoretical framework for the concept of Decolonizing The Mind (DTM). The study starts with an overview of how the concept of DTM was explored in different parts of the globe. It continues with the theoretical foundations of DTM in three dimensions: the critique of science (natural and social sciences), the development of alternative concepts in science and the translation of critique and alternatives into policies for change. DTM is presented as an alternative discourse of liberation. It provides a critique of the Eurocentric bias in Marxism and develops a framework for decolonizing the curricula for knowledge production both in the natural and social sciences. The book is set for release in 2017.