Book launch tour Hatem Bazian

Amrit Publishers is proud to present the new book by Hatem Bazian: “Palestine…it is something colonial.” In centering Palestine’s modern history around settler-colonial discourses, Hatem Bazian offers a theoretical basis for understanding Palestine while avoiding the pitfalls of the internationally supported “peace process” that, on the one hand, affirms settler-colonial rights and, on the other hand, problematizes the colonialized and dispenses with the ramifications of the colonial project. Hatem will tour Chicago, Berkeley, San Franscisco, Santa Clara, London and Rotterdam the coming months to discuss his book.

Dates & Locations

Saturday, November 26 – AMP Convention. Chicago, IL.

Thursday, December 1 – Zaytuna College. Berkeley, CA.

Friday, December 2 – Yaseen Foundation. South San Franscisco, CA.

Sunday, December 4 – MCA. Santa Clara, CA.

Wednesday, December 7 – P21 Gallery, London, UK.

Saturday, December 10 – Het Palestijns Huis, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.