Olga Orman en Giselle Ecury (ed.)

Topa Tula – Ontmoet Tula:

The Simia Literario Foundation has set up a special project. She asked poets inspired by the story of Tula to construct a literary meeting between Tula and the current generation. For the Antillean community Tula, the leader of the revolt against slavery in 1795, is a figure who inspires young people today to work for a better future. In poems and a short story a conversation between Tula and the current generation takes place on topics such as freedom and equality. Poetry is the expression of emotions in words. It is a form of music without sound. It has a tradition in the Antillean popular culture dating back to the time of the banderitas, short sharp poems that provided social commentary at the time. The poems Topa Tula – Meet Tula is the result of this project. It is a bilingual collection of poems in Dutch and Papiamento.

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ISBN: 978-90-74897-65-5
Pages: 64
Year of publication: 2012
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