Jan Pompe

Management by columns:

Management by objectives. Management by exception. Management by fear. There are several ways you can manage a company. Jan Pompe has devised a light-hearted way to discuss management issues. Based on experiences from everyday life, he highlights issues that managers have to deal with. In his own wit he explains how simple issues are made complex while it’s easy to find a solution with a clear mind. An important part of this book is dedicated to his travel experiences in America, the land of free enterprise.

Jan A.M. Pompe (1953) studied pedagogy and (management) philosophy. He has held various management and interim positions in both the profit and nonprofit sectors. Inspired by the daily problems he ran into, Jan developed Common Sense Management and Common Sense Development Program. He combines experiences from his practice with theoretical insights from management theory, philosophy, organizational, management, psychology and group dynamics. Jan Pompe assessed his philosophy and methodology throughout the years and refined it in many management situations. This book is only available in Dutch.

Price: € 7,50
ISBN: 978-90-74897-62-4
Pages: 64
Year of publication: 2011
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