Pushpita Awasthi

The statue in the rock:

Professor, poet, editor, fiction writer, translator, linguist, diplomat, Hindi ambassador en organizer par excellence – at large, Pushpita defies categorization. In Pushpita’s poems the everyday, contemporary experience echoes the mystic poetry of Kabir and the love poetry of Sanskrit poet Jaidev.
Nature and love, the twin themes of her poetic expression, often seem to be extensions of each other. She worked in India, Latin America and Europe.

Love and nature are two major themes in Pushpita’s poems. There is a undetermined sense of timelessness when it comes to the inner world of her experience, with which she defies the known rules of time and space. Most of the poems in this collection are inspired by and dedicated to the life in the Caribbean, especially Suriname, where Pushpita spent some productive years. The pristine beauty of the Caribbean makes Pushpita’s heart long for a lifestyle that is rapidly disappearing. Pushpita oscillates between admiration for people who follow the order of nature and fear of those who go astray by greed.

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