Gezegend en vervloekt – Een geschiedenis van groter Afrika van de bakermat van de beschaving tot aan het derde millennium:
There is little available in Dutch literature that highlights the achievements of people of African descent. In this book Djehuti-Ankh-Kheru covers the history of the ancient classical African civilizations, the emergence of transatlantic slavery and the Western colonial empires, the Black resistance against slavery, the abolition of slavery and the work and philosophy of Black thinkers . The angle of Djehuti is that of Pan-Africanism. He shows how and why the African contribution has been forged in world history and concealed. He draws from a variety of sources and displays a perspective that is concealed in the white Dutch academia. This book is only available in Dutch.
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ISBN: 978-90-74897-76-1
Pages: 344
Year of publication: 2013
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