Sandew Hira

Geluk bestaat en het is heel dichtbij – Over liefde, seks, politiek en andere onbelangrijke zaken in het leven:
Since February 1, 2010 Sandew Hira, publishes a column on the Surinamese news site Star News every Monday. In his columns he covers various topics such as relationships, sexuality, politics, history and decolonization. This publication contains the first 75 columns for Star News. The purpose of a column is to stimulate opinion. A columnist without a strong opinion is not a columnist, at most, a beautiful writer. It’s that pungent opinion – with which you know in advance people who will agree with or will detest  – that makes a meaningful column. This book is only available in Dutch.
Price: € 7,50
ISBN: 978-90-74897-69-3
Pages: 237
Year of publication: 2012
Order information: Will follow