Radjindre Bhagwanbali

Tetary (de koppige) – Het verzet van Hindoestanen tegen het Indentured Labour System in Suriname, 1873-1916:

This book is the second publication of a trilogy of Radjinder Bhagwanbali on the history of Dutch Indians under the Indentured Labour System in Suriname for the period 1873-1916. The first part of the trilogy deals with the recruitment and transportation of contract workers and life on the plantations. That life has given rise to much opposition to colonialism. That opposition is the central theme of this part of the trilogy. Based on letters, reports, military descriptions and other archival material Bhagwanbali describes in detail how the resistance took shape, how the fight has evolved and how the colonial government has responded. Dutch Indians who remained unknown until now are mentioned by name. Their actions are rescued from oblivion in this book.

The book covers the background of the resistance in general. It elaborates on the uprisings at the plantations The resolution, Zoelen, Zorg en Hoop and Marienburg. It contains the detailed list of names of the people killed during the uprisings and the map of the location of the mass grave of Marienburg. The book is based on archive material that has not been used until now. It reveals how ruthless the colonizer was in precipitation the uprisings. This book is only available in Dutch.

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ISBN: 978-90-74897-63-1
Pages: 144
Year of publication: 2011
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