Edwin Marshall

Fred Derby, vakbondsleider en politicus:

In this book, author Edwin Marshall elaborates on the life and work of the trade union leader and politician, Fred Derby. It is the story of the boy from Berlin (district Para), who has become a trade union leader and politician of stature.

Derby gained his political education in the PNR, the party that consistently strived for the independence of Suriname. He joined the trade union movement when the party congress of the PNR had decided that the cadres had to enter (the leadership of) the unions. Derby became director of the Catholic Teachers Circuit, later the Catholic Teachers Association. In the political field there was a rift with his mentor Eddy Bruma, a few years laterhe founded his own party, the Surinamese Labour Party (SPA).

In 1980, a military coup took place by 16 soldiers led by Sergeant Major Desi Bouterse. Initially Fred Derby wasn’t dismissive, even in favor of the assumption of power by the military. Gradually he became more critical about the achievements of the revolution. On December 8th, 1982 he was arrested by the soldiers, but released by Bouterse again. Fifteen prominent Surinamese were killed. This book is only available in Dutch.

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Year of publication: 2010
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